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DELTA Program

What is Delta?
For the AEC Industry

ALPHA Program

What is Alpha?
The Guide to BIM

BETA Program

What is Beta?
Innovating New Entrepreneurs

Develop Yourself

Experienced, expert and flexible trainers at your reach. Guidance that ensure you will be able to gain success.

Equip With Knowledge

Empowered with expert trainers, participants can hands-on their own projects with excellent tools.

Be An Entrepreneur

Take the journey to be an entrepreneur to be efficient and to contribute to the AEC industry.

Adopt Best Practices

Throughout the program, practical hands-on knowledge will be adopted to assist you in your projects.

A Result-Oriented Program

Hands-on, practical and meeting your project needs.
A great know-how program to guide you.

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Professionals Corner

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What Are The Questions That We Ask As A Professional


How do I begin my project in BIM?

Do I have to design in CAD and convert to 3D model in BIM once again?

Could my BIM models be produced for local authorities submission drawing?

Could my BIM models comply with the local authorities rules and regulations?

How can BIM provide the right information at the right time to the right persons?

Structural Engineer

Do I need to recreate or trace my BIM model?

Am I able to export my completed structural analysis model done in eTABS/Esteem as a BIM model?

How correct is the BIM model data compared to my design?

How can BIM encourage my design to be more feasible?

Can BIM give me some vital cost estimation to help my design?

Mechanical & Electrical Engineer

How will BIM synchronize my schematic design and single diagram with BIM?

Would I be able to start designing in BIM without getting the entire Architectural/Structural BIM model?

How am I able to manage my BIM model with the updated data from Architects and Structural Engineers?

How will BIM help in my design, plan and coordination?

Could BIM help me to deliver quantity and cost estimation?

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Here at Starke Lab, you will be able to thrive on

Practical Hands-On

Hands-on training on your project where you will enhance your skills to meet project goals with our experience and interactive trainers.

Tips for Tackling Issues

Indulge in our knowledge base for tips on steps to achieve your project goals.

Time Efficient

Efficiency in time where objectives and goals are set, met and achieved.